Managing Director of Recreation and Wellness

Dunwoody Baptist Church | DUNWOODY, GA

Posted Date 3/26/2024

Reports To: Executive Pastor

Direct Reports: Assistant Director of Sports, Assistant Director of Fitness, Staff & Volunteers

Job Type: Full-time position.

Primary scope: The Managing Director of Recreation and Wellness will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of Recreation and Wellness ministry programs and staff. This position will supervise programming, initiatives, staff, and volunteers in both Sports and Fitness ministries, with careful oversight over the associate directors in each division. The Managing Director of Recreation and Wellness shall ensure that all activities reflect the spiritual principles of Dunwoody Baptist Church and foster a culture of excellence and accountability among the staff.

Responsibilities and Job Duties:

? Develops and provides vision, mission, values, and strategy of the Fitness Center to all staff, volunteers, and members.

? Develops and provides vision, mission, values, and strategy of the Sports Center to all staff, volunteers, and members.

? Hires, trains, motivates, encourages and equips staff to fulfill the mission of the enterprise.

? Coordinates overall marketing and promotion efforts to drive participation in all recreational ministry offerings

? Oversees all curriculum, community involvement, participant/member relations, and vendor relations, to create a thriving, inspiring, and life-changing environment of Christcentered fitness and sports.

? Works in cooperation with senior church staff to achieve the vision, purpose and established goals of DBC as they pertain to the Sports and Wellness ministries.

? Represents Sports and Wellness ministry needs and offerings to staff and the congregation as a whole, promoting opportunities for service and wellness.

? Provides support, encouragement, and leadership to key church volunteers who participate in recreational ministry programs.

? Works with and communicates to all support and managerial staff to assure the proper organizational functions of the ministry.

? Participates in staff meetings, special planning sessions, and designated staff retreats.

? Coordinates the maintenance, appearance and replacement of equipment and facilities.

? Provides direct leadership and participation to overcome short term challenges related to staffing, training, coaching, program supervision, and other areas.

? Develops, plans, and implements the associated ministry budgets. Forecasts, administers, and controls the assigned budget funds for their respective ministry area, demonstrating a high concern for stewardship of the resources and accountability to church leadership.

Desired Education & Experience:

? BA or BS degree in sports, recreation, kinesiology, or related fields. Seminary education is a significant plus.

? Previous experience directing an active, growing wellness or sports ministry.

? Experienced and proven leadership of volunteers, full and or part-time staff.

? Proven experience in recruitment, training and coordination of volunteers.

? Proven experience in managing budget, calendar and facility.

Personality Characteristics Desired: In addition to the specific responsibilities required for this role, Dunwoody Baptist Church also seeks candidates that possess some general competencies and behavioral traits that enhance the effectiveness of our staff.

General Responsibilities:

? Establish and maintain healthy work boundaries.

? Contribute to all-staff meetings, retreats, and church wide events/classes.

? Be transparent with working hours and location when off-site during normal working hours.

Lifestyle Expectations:

? Candidate must be a professed Christ follower and be willing to contribute to DBC’s vision of being a church that is passionately becoming more like Jesus and is committed to transforming our members’ homes, the community, and the world.

? DBC church membership is required.


? Directs both resources and people (paid or unpaid) towards the accomplishment of goals

? Maximizes personal effectiveness by focusing on “must-dos” tasks and delegating other priorities to others

? Anticipates/avoids problems or formulates creative solutions

? Makes timely decisions that produce quality outcomes

? Adheres to commitments, schedules and deadlines


? Develops both vision and strategy that focuses team energy towards results

? Maintains a working environment characterized by high levels of encouragement and trust

? Drives team towards greater innovation and collaboration

? Sets clear expectations and holds team members accountable for them


? Casts a compelling and aspirational vision

? Clearly conveys expectations and priorities to staff and/or volunteers

? Uses written and verbal communication in a way that accomplishes intended results

? Regularly shares information with and solicits feedback from staff/volunteers


? Demonstrates Christ-likeness and a commitment to personal spiritual growth

? Leads staff and/or volunteers by serving and not by asserting control

? Utilizes emotional intelligence, is emotionally available to those he/she leads

? Invests in the development of staff or volunteers around him/her


? Prioritizes and accomplishes self-development goals

? Demonstrates an ongoing commitment to obtaining the necessary knowledge, attitudes, skills and habits necessary to be successful in this role

? Teachable spirit with a desire to learn and grow

DISCLAIMER: This position description is intended to reflect major job responsibilities, and is published for general employee understanding. It is not meant to be a complete listing of all responsibilities, skills, efforts, or working conditions, associated with the job. Additions and changes to jobs can occur at any time

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