Minister of children/Director of Children

Flat Creek Baptist Church | gainesville, GA

Posted Date 7/31/2022

Principle Function:


The Director of Children’s position is responsible to the Pastor for assisting church program organization/committees to develop a comprehensive program of childhood education. They will consult with other staff members concerning activities, policies and procedures that relate to their areas reasonability. 





  • Advise with program organization leaders to enlist children’s workers.
  • Coordinate calendar, organize events and recruit volunteers by working with the children committee.
  • Lead weekend services and special events for the Flat Creek Baptist Church Children’s ministry by working with volunteers to ensure the ministry at Christ center, fun and energetic.
  • Conduct special training projects for children’s workers in proper relationship to the church training program.
  • Advise in the use of program materials, equipment, supplies, and space by children’s group in all the church program organization.
  • Oversee and assist Vacation Bible School directors 
  • Develop and implement curriculum for a children’s education program which will lead children to a deeper relationship with Jesus and reflect the core beliefs of FCBC.
  • Lead the children’s church ministry through teaching.
    • Instructional practices and strategies should be fun and invigorating strategies, losing doctrinal integrity.
    • Implement sound instructional practices (e.g., instructional strategies, technology) to maintain student engagement
  • Collaborate with the Awana ministry as a Coordinate to continue to upbuild this ministry.
    • Utilize Awana ministry as a connection point for families who are unchurched
  • Develop and implement a registration and check out procedure to ensure the safety of all children 
  • Design, develop, communication and implement an integrated recruiting strategy to ensure that a volunteer pipeline is being created through various efforts.
    • Organize targeted information sessions and recruitment schedule based on critical need areas of the children’s ministry 
    • Develop and maintain a network of volunteers
    • Match areas of need with volunteers’ areas of strength
    • Identify and develop volunteers who will love the children of FCBC unconditionally and without favoritism in the hopes of seeing them saved/ and or growing in their work with Christ. 
    • Monitor progress of recruiting sessions and modify s needed
    • Follow up with potential volunteers to encourage application completion.
  • Assist in the development of an annual budget for children ministries and manage the spending of budgeted funds along with committee chairs
  • Function as a member of the Pastoral staff
    • Provide Pastoral services (e.g., weddings, funerals, visitation) as needed
    • Prepare for different/unique needs which may arise in the lives of children and their families
  • Preform all other duties as assigned




Skill qualifications: Appropriate educational degree or experience preferred; high degree of skill oral and written communication; proven ability to work with children form ages 1- 5th grade; high degree in organization and problem solving; ability to analyze existing processes; identify areas of improvement, and implement process improvement initiatives; ability to translate needs and challenges into creative solutions; must possess effective human relations skills; ability to act as a representative of Flat Creek Baptist Church ( FCBC) and to establish professional working relationship with members and potential members; ability to comfortably conduct presentations to audiences of varying size and organizations makeup; and ability to work across functional boundaries and interact with members at all levels of the church.


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