Family Pastor

Elim Baptist Church | Ludowici, GA

Posted Date 6/13/2022

Elim Baptist Church is seeking a Family Pastor. Although the design of this position is somewhat unorthodox for the modern church structure, we believe this kind of ministry is what our church needs most in a second pastor. The Family Pastor will have general pastoral duties. He will also oversee ministries for children and youth because our kids need specialized attention and they are still very important. It is difficult to reach families without adequate programs for their children and youth. While these responsibilities will be a large part of the position, the Family Pastor’s primary responsibility will be to help us reach men with the Gospel. It is not that women and children are unimportant or should not be witnessed to, but we believe we can be more successful at reaching the entire family when there is a targeted effort to reach the husband and father. God has designed us to operate within a family structure, so we believe we should work within that design rather than against it. This does not mean that the Family Pastor will do our job for us, but instead he will lead the charge, focus on this effort on a weekly basis, and help our church to do the same. Once we have reached a man with the Gospel, we will disciple him and equip him to reach his family. Then we will work to disciple that family and help equip them to reach other families that we may not otherwise be able to reach. We believe that this is a biblical model for evangelism and discipleship, and that is what Elim needs to focus on because that is what God has called the church to do.

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