Associate Pastor for Student Ministries

Salem Baptist Church | Lexington, GA

Posted Date 6/21/2022

Position Status: Full-Time

Scope: The Associate Pastor gives attention to the administrative details related to the overal Church program and aids in all pastoral responsibilities as deemed necessary and/or appropriate by the pastor. The Associate Pasor is responsible for planning, coordinating, and promoting the student programs of the Church, special ministry projects, assignments, and events.

Character and Nature of Position: To provide a well-balanced program for students (K-12) that will point students to Christ for salvation and help those who are Christians to mature in Christ and discover personal gifts and abilities with which God has blessed them. The Associate Pastor must be a devoted follower of Jesus Christ, a man of good morals and integrity who views this ministry assignment as a calling from God. His life must exemplify the purpose, philosophy, and doctrine of Salem Baptist Church. He must have technical mastery of the various aspects of the stated ministry area. He should minister in a way that people are encouraged and appreciated in their walk with God.


  1.  Assist the pastor in the overall programming of the church, aid in special projects, implement specific assignments by the pastor related to general pastoral activities.
  2. Maintain clear channels of communication with the pastor to inform him of needs, activities, and/or problems and recieve the pastor's input, insight and affirmation related to plans and decisions.
  3. Meet regularly with the pastor and staff for planning, evaluating, and coordinating the ministries of the Church.
  4. Work with the pastor, appropiate committees, and staff in planning, coordinating, and implementing programs related to the student ministries of the church.
  5. Work with the pastor, staff, and congregation to achieve the objectives of the Church.
  6. Plan and direct student fellowships, retreats, camps, and mission trips.
  7. Conduct Weekly Bible Study and Community groups.
  8. Coordinate and communicate with parents of students on a regular basis.
  9. Maintain and update social media accounts for student ministry.
  10. Develop relationships with local schools and be available to visit school events and clubs.
  11. Remail informed of current trends in student education programs and the culture of young people.
  12. Conduct planning and training events for Student Ministry volunteers.
  13. Invest in the lives of students.
Salary36000.00 - 40000.00 Annual

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