Full-time OR Part-time Pastor of Worship

Cuthbert First Baptist Church | Cuthbert, GA

Posted Date 11/07/2023

First Baptist is a loving church located in Cuthbert, Georgia. Cuthbert is a small city with a big mission field offering lots of opportunities for outreach into the community. FBC is a church with a traditional/blended worship style. Both our members and choir are looking forward to our next worship leader.

Our pastor has been leading us for 4 years. He is a Shepard style leader who loves God’s word and people. While giving oversite, he encourages all our leaders to freely lead those entrusted to them as they follow the mission and vision of the church.

Our candidate for worship could be either full-time (Associate Pastor of Worship) or part-time (Minister of Worship). Whether full-time or part-time, we are looking for someone to work with our various choirs to create worship experiences that have both traditional and contemporary aspects (blended worship). The full-time position would also include the Pastoral roll, which would include pastoral care and other ministerial roles assigned based on the education and experience of the candidate.

You can learn more about our church and see previous livestreams by visiting www.cuthbertfbc.org.

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