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Skidaway Island Baptist Church | Savannah, GA

Posted Date 11/10/2021

Pastor of Music and Youth

Skidaway Island Baptist Church (Skidaway Church) exists to glorify God alone through life transformation in Jesus Christ as we reach people with the gospel, build them up into the church and send them out into the world to disciple others. Skidaway Church is located on an island community of the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in Savannah, Georgia. Savannah is an historic coastal town in south GA with numerous opportunities for gospel engagement and kingdom advancement.

Skidaway Church is currently seeking a full-time Pastor of Music and Youth to join the church and serve the Lord on a team that seeks to glorify God and honor Him in all things. Skidaway Church is a congregation committed to the gospel of grace and the inerrant Word of God proclaimed weekly in an expository verse by verse way. Skidaway holds to historic confessions and creeds that affirm the sovereignty of God and the doctrines of grace found in Scripture.

Personal Qualifications:

- Model a growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ through personal Bible Study/devotions, character, and stewardship.

  • -  AffirmtheBibleasthefinalauthorityforallfaithandpractice.

  • -  Must have a genuine and sincere love for God, His Word and

    God’s people.

  • -  Must be faithful, available and teachable with a humble heart

    before God and man.

  • -  Mustbebothlovinglyassertiveandgraciousincommunication.

  • -  Able to creatively and effectively teach God’s Word to church

    members of all ages and backgrounds.

  • -  Able to create and sustain a strong volunteer culture for the

    youth and music ministries.

  • -  Abletomentoranddiscipleotherswithwisdomandgrace.

  • -  Possesses people skills that honor the Lord and display the fruit

    of the Spirit.

  • -  Commitment to lifelong spiritual integrity and ministerial

    excellence (must have a passion for the work God has called you


  • -  Commitment to the communities surrounding Skidaway Church,

    Savannah at large and the nations.

  • -  Must be in agreement with Skidaway Church’s vision and


Job Summary

  • -  Facilitate corporate worship through congregational singing and the praise of God through song and music leadership.

  • -  Plan and lead rehearsals for all teams involved in Skidaway Music Ministries.

  • -  Organize the corporate worship experience for Skidaway in conjunction with the Pastor.

  • -  Lead singers, musicians, sound techs, camera and presentation volunteers both organizationally and spiritually through loving correction and instruction regularly.

  • -  Overseethechurch’stechministry,socialmediaandwebsite.

  • -  Set up presentation software for each service and ensure

    volunteers are communicated with regularly.

  • -  Oversee the maintenance of all musical instruments owned by

    the church.

  • -  Recruit volunteers personally face to face, not relying too much

    on email as the primary means of recruitment.

  • -  Set annual goals for the Student Ministry and the Music Ministry

    that are in line with Skidaway’s vision and mission.

  • -  Regularlyevaluatetheeffectivenessofthegoalsthatareset.

  • -  Annually prepare in conjunction with elder leadership a budget

    for students and music ministries.

  • -  Coordinate an effective Word based ministry to youth and their parents.

  • -  Give direction and leadership to youth volunteers that will encourage them and utilize their gifts in the process.

  • -  Recruitandtrainleadershipforandwithintheyouthministry.

  • -  Work with the youth leadership team (students) in planning of

    events and ideas for outreach etc.

  • -  Give oversight to Sunday morning youth Bible Study and the

    Youth mid-week study.

  • -  Organize and plan monthly, semi annual and annual events for

    youth to serve, participate, fellowship and grow in their knowledge of who God is and how they can grow and walk with God for a lifetime.

  • -  Establish and execute a long range vision for how the church will continue to engage youth and their families on Skidaway Island and Savannah.


  • -  Must be a faithful follower of Christ Jesus, saved by grace with a clear understanding of the gospel.

  • -  Mustbeabletoclearlyandeffectivelycommunicatethegospel

  • -  Mustbeabletoclearlyexpressacalltopastoralministry.

  • -  If married, candidate will love His wife as Christ loved the church.

  • -  If married, candidates spouse must affirm God’s call on her husband and be in agreement with this call to serve the church.

  • -  Bachelor’s degree. Seminary degree highly preferred as this

    position will also have opportunity to preach.

  • -  Mustbeabletodelegateresponsibilitieswhennecessary.

  • -  Skillasavocalistandinstrumentalist.

  • -  Broad knowledge of worship music across multiple styles and

    generational preferences.

  • -  Proficient in reading music, able to lead and shepherd well

    through musical parts and correction pastorally.

  • -  Attend all scheduled staff meetings and other leadership team

    meetings, and maintain appropriate office hours in conjunction

    with the Pastor.

  • -  Must possess the ability to work on a team and under the

    leadership of the pastor and the church elders.

  • -  Must be both flexible and adaptable to new and varying


  • -  Mustpossessaservantsheartandtheheartofashepherd.

  • -  Meet the requirements of 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9 and 1

    Peter 5:1-4.


- This is a full-time position (40+ hours per week). Salary will be based on qualifications and experience.

To Apply:

Send resume and videos to

Reports to:

- John Crunkleton-LeadPastor, and Skidaway Church Elders.

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