Student Minister

Central Baptist Church Douglasville | Douglasville, GA

Posted Date 1/14/2022

Job Description:
To introduce young people in middle and high school to Christ, to disciple them in spiritual growth, and to train them in serving Christ with their lives.



  • Evident relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Active involvement in a local church.
  • A Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution.
  • A Master's degree in Religious Education or Theology is preferred.
  • Previous youth ministry experience is an advantage.
  • Affinity for young people.
  • Ability to lead by example.
  • Proficient understanding of challenges and needs of today’s youth.
  • Proficient social media skills.
  • Outstanding communication skills, both verbal and written.


 Essential Functions and Responsibilities: 


  • Provide Pastoral Ministry to the youth ministry family [youth (grades 6-12) parents of youth and youth leaders] and coordinate the training of others to do likewise.
  • Develop positive relationships with all students and parents.
  • Coordinate the weekly youth educational activities.
  • Coordinate an overall youth curriculum plan for the church for a balanced, comprehensive Christian education and develops a Christian Worldview in youth.
  • Coordinate and implement an annual youth ministry budget proposal, and administer that budget as approved by the Finance Committee.
  • Create events for parents of youth, related to their parenting roles and activities for parents and youth.
  • Assist with youth leadership in providing opportunities for members of the youth ministry family to be directly involved in missions and ministry – both locally and outside the community, while equipping the youth with the tools necessary to share their faith.
  • Coordinate the training and mentoring of members of the youth ministry family sensing a call to ministry vocation.
  • Coordinate the planning to ensure youth experience personal worship and praise through preaching and music activities.
  • Coordinate the enlisting, discipling, training, and motivating of adults to serve in youth ministry.
  • Share the gospel with lost youth/students and lost parents on an ongoing basis, both individually and cooperatively.
  • Create and implement an overall youth evangelism strategy for the church.
  • Network with other evangelical youth leaders in the community to support youth in starting and strengthening school campus ministries.

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