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First Baptist Church High Falls | Jackson, GA

Posted Date 5/06/2022

First Baptist Church of High Falls


We are accepting resumes for a full time Pastor.  We are looking for someone who is being lead by the Holy Sprit and who has been called by God into ministry.


The purpose of our church is to uphold and provide opportunities for public worship; to promote Christian fellowship, service and growth among the members, to nurture its members through a program of Christian education and training, and to proclaim the Gospel of the revelation of God through Jesus Christ in our community, our state, our nation and our world.


Our chruch is a medium sized traditional southern batptist church.


The area of High falls is a very beautiful and a diverse part of central Georgia.  A recent study estimates that there is a population of around 10,261 people within a five mile radius of our church.


Pastor Job Description


1.  The pastor is the designated leader of the church concerning all matters and is primarily responsible for the spiritual direction and health of the church body and its leadership.

2.  His focus will be on the study of scripture and prayer so that he may properly teach and preach the Word of God to the church body.

3.  To be in charge of all church services(Sunday morning/evening and Wednesday evening) and he should make every effort to attend any other services in which the church is involved. (Lords supper,baptisms,weddings,funerals,dedications etc)

4.  To make every effort to supply a fill in pastor in the event of an absence from the pulpit due to sickness or vacation.

5.  To preside over all chruch conferences unless absence is necessary at which time the chruch bylaws will be adhered to.

6.   To make every effort to teach and extend biblical community, fellowship, and hospitality as a shephard.  This includes visiting chruch members, prospective members, and sick, so long as this does not interfere with his primary responsibilities.

7.  To be available to meet and counsel as schedules allow.

8.  To work alongside the director of music to ensure worship is theologically correct and appropriate.

9.  To provide advice/counsel and seek advice/counsel pertaining to various additional meetings and activities of the church, from and with the chruch council, deacons and associated committees.

10.  To work with the missions team to support various mission opportunities, to encourage the church in giving to missions, and involve the chruch in personal mission service.

11.  He should agree with "The Baptist Faith & Message"


Please be in prayer with us as we seek to find the man God has for us here at First Baptist Church of High Falls. 

Thank you.

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