Director of Children's Ministries

Poplar Springs North Baptist Chruch | Dublin, GA

Posted Date 6/14/2022

Poplar Springs North Baptist Church Director of Children’s Ministry

The Director of Children’s Ministries will lead and oversee the ministry of the Children’s department, from birth through fifth grade. This person will ensure proper staffing, training and operations of the department.

Ministry Area/Department. Birth through 5th grade.

Accountable To. Senior Pastor

Ministry Target. Children (ages birth through 5th grade) and their parents

Position Is. Paid, Part time, annual salary of $20,000 - $25,000

Position May Be Filled By. Non-Church member

Talents or Abilities Desired. Good organizational and leadership skills. An encourager with a gift of hospitality.

Best Personality Traits. Motivated, People oriented

Passion For. Evangelism, reaching, teaching, and nurturing people through education and encouragement.

Length of Service Commitment. Ongoing (40-day notice required upon resignation)

Anticipated Time Commitments 15+ hours a week

  1. Administration/preparing for ministry: 7 hours a week
  2. Participating in meetings/training: two hours a month
  3. Engagement in ministry: 8+ hours per week

Responsibilities /Duties

  1. Recruit volunteers to serve in Sunday School ministry, as well as during church services, Sunday and Wednesday evening discipleship.


  1. Work toward growing our children’s ministry both qualitatively and numerically.


  1. Reaching visiting families as a whole, parents and children.
  2. Be familiar with all policies and procedures documented in the Children’s Handbook (to be developed by the director of this position), including safety and emergency procedures. Develop or adopt and implement a training program for leaders, teachers, and workers.
  3. Include training in the church’s emergency / evacuation procedures, tornado procedures, first aid procedures, playground safety, etc.
  4. Work with the pastor to choose, order, and obtain curriculum for Children’s Sunday School Program. All literature and materials to be used must be approved by the pastor. Materials must be in compliance with scripture and the Southern Baptist doctrinal statement, “The Baptist Faith and Message 2000.”
  5. Oversee distribution of Sunday School material or store it in a designated location for easy access by teachers.
  6. Oversee operation of Sunday School ministry for children (teachers on hand, lessons available, start/end on time, records procedures followed/forms completed, etc.).
  7. Coordinate Children’s church to support sufficient staffing and smooth transitions

between Sunday School Classes and extended preschool sessions.


  1. Find and secure appropriate substitute teachers to fulfill weekly responsibilities in the event of planned or unplanned absence.
  2. Recognize, encourage and motivate Sunday School staff and Children’s discipleship staff.
  3. Communicate information regarding goals, special days, etc.
  4. Pray regularly for children and workers.
  5. Oversee budget and expenditures for the Children’s department.
  6. Make sure there are snacks, juice, and paper products on hand (tissues, paper towels, cups, etc.)
  7. Recommend financial and physical needs of the department to the church.
  8. Submit written reports on the progress of the department to the church at regular business meetings.
  9. Submit to the pastor a weekly report of progress, goals, and accomplishments.
  10. Attend local, state, national training events for Children’s ministry leadership when possible and beneficial.
  11. All directors, leaders, and teachers are expected to actively participate in the ministries of Poplar Springs North Baptist Church, including regular weekly attendance of the worship service(s), unless personal circumstances preclude such attendance. Please discuss these special circumstances with the pastor and nominating committee.
  12. Work with appropriate church staff or volunteers to construct or obtain props or materials needed for the children’s church program.
  13. Coordinate with special speakers, puppeteers, musicians and any other ministers who will take part in the children’s church program.
  14. Maintain a healthy personal growth in Christ through spiritual disciplines.
  15. Seek personal improvement through the reading of books and continuing education through courses, conferences, and seminars.
Salary20000.00 - 25000.00 Annual

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