Bi-Vocational Pastor

Grace Baptist Church Covington Ga | Covington, GA

Posted Date 8/01/2022

Job Overview

Grace Baptist Church is prayerfully looking for someone on fire for Christ, as we aim to grow our church body. We are seeking a bi-vocational pastor to lead our church body in the lively area of Covington, Ga. By our definition, this means hiring a pastor with the understanding that he would need a secondary income to supplement his income while being available for the duties as Pastor of our church. Although the bi-vocational pastor has two incomes, he is fully the pastor of the church. The average attendance is 30-45 for our Sunday service. The Pastor should be a man who desires to maintain unity within the church as well as build relationships within the community to grow the church’s ministry according to God’s will.  We are a loving church family, looking for the right fit.

The mission of Grace Baptist Church is to exist to have a great commitment to the Great Commission (Matthew 28:17-20) and to the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:36-40) so that we will be a church that is greatly used by a Great God.

The vision of Grace Baptist Church is to love God, to love others, and to serve the world.

Job Description/ Responsibilities

  • Preach Sunday morning worship service and possibly lead Wednesday prayer meeting/ bible study.
  • Maintain a vital and wholesome personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ through daily bible study and prayer.
  • Prepare members for Christian living and church leadership by teaching and preaching from the scriptures.
  • Visit members during hospitalization and contact ill members for prayer and encouragement as available.
  • Visit/ outreach to new believers and guests who attend the church.
  • To be responsible for filling the pulpit in the event of an absence.
  • Spiritual and scriptural counseling, as needed.
  • Preside over deacon ordinations, infant dedications, and baptisms.
  • Officiate at funerals and perform wedding ceremonies in accordance with the Biblical definition of marriage, that is between one man and one woman.
  • Work with church leaders such as Deacons, Trustees, Worship Director, Educators, Budget Committee, and other key leadership to carry out the mission and purpose of the church.
  • Provide input for programs and events to inspire youth. Examples could be bible studies, VBS, serving the community, etc. 
  • The candidate must follow the Baptist directives of accepting the Holy Bible as the sole authority for faith and practice the church’s ordinances of baptism by immersion and the Lord’s Supper.
  • Ideal candidate will be expected to maintain a mixture of traditional and contemporary worship service.
  • Committed to integrity and accountability to those he serves, with a strong emphasis on prayer and sermon preparation.
  • Ideal candidate will focus on discipleship and growth within our church, so that we as a body of Christ can reach out to the unchurched community.




  • Align with the Southern Baptist Doctrines of Faith (Baptist Faith and Message 2000) and serve under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
  • Have a clear and open calling to serve the Lord in Pastoral Ministry.
  • High school graduate.
  • A minimum of 5 years prior experience as a lead, associate, or youth pastor.
  • Ideal candidate’s spouse would be expected to attend the church and be involved, but with no special expectations.
  • Ideal candidate is very comfortable with technology and how to use technology in the church.
  • Ideal candidate would feel comfortable preaching about abortion, homosexuality, or about other current social issues.
  • Provide a spirit-filled worship experience while being able to deliver beginner level sermons and teaching.



  • Preferred personality traits would include dedicated, supportive/ compassionate, and confident.
  • Ideal spiritual gifts / special skills of faith, leadership, evangelism, and teaching are preferred.
  • Strong emphasis on evangelism, prayer, and discipleship, preferred.
  • Ideal candidate possess preaching styles that are practical with clear application, relational and engaging, and sermon series.
  • Attending or attended seminary preferred.
  • Leadership, relational, and Biblical scholarship are among the skills desired.
  • Ideal candidate would have experience with young families, senior citizens, new Christians, and children.
  • Emphasis on developing relationships with local and regional denominational leadership.


Expected salary: $450-$550 weekly

A background check will be supplied for candidate prior to hiring.

Please send all resumes to:

Salary450.00 - 550.00 Week

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